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Kayak Weight and Handling

     One of the important things most people want in a kayak is light weight and manufacturers work hard at designing boats with a desirable strength to weght ratio. Different models are designed for different applications. Many longer Kayaks are built with stability in mind and will weigh a bit.. If you'r interested in the lightest or smaller kayaks, below are a few options:

The Venus 10 was designed specifically for women is almost 10' long, stable, carries up to 175 pounds while weighing only 34 pounds.

The Venus 11 was designed specifically for women but also works well for men,  it's almost 11' long, stable, carries up to 225 pounds while weighing only 40 pounds.

Malibu 3.4, a great surfing model weighs in at 36lbs

Feel Free Move Kayak comes in at 41 lbs

The Nalu at 11' long weighs just 40lbs. Designed to be Stand up Paddled (SUP) or paddled as a normal kayak. It's a true hybrid. And the Taboo paddle (the hybrid paddle) quickly converts from a standup to a sit down paddle without having to return to shore.

The Mysto weighs 43lbs, is less than 10', and carries 325lbs and is really fun in surf and paddles well in normal conditions.

The Nomad weighs in at 44lbs is almost 10' long and can carry up to 330lbs

The Caper weighing only 45 pounds is 11' long can carry up to 325 pounds. It's very stable and can carry lots of gear.


     Ground handling is another consideration for women as well as men. Getting the boat on and off the car and to and from the water. It's your choice on which type of boat will be easiest for you to manage while on land but there are a few devices that can alleviate some of the more difficult problems or possibly allow you to choose a more performance oriented kayak than you otherwise would.

     A kayak dolly can make life a whole lot easier if you've got a ways to walk and don't have a partner to help carry your boat. Inflatable tires can also roll over sand to easily get your boat down to the water..

     If you're choosing vehicle racks, the Thule Outrigger or Roller Coaster accessories can mean you only have to lift one end of the kayak onto the rack at a time. For the Scupper Pro or Prowler that means you'd only have to lift 28 pounds at a time.

     Side carry handles also make moving the kayak from point to point a bit easier and come standard on some models and can be added to others.

     A kayak carry strap can help by taking the weight off your arms as you carry it. The strap goes through the scupper holes and over your shoulder. It works best on the lighter boats so you aren't carrying too much weight on your shoulder....