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Tie Down Straps                                         

Tie Down Straps

8' Premium Tie Down Strap [CALL] (pair)

10' Premium Tie Down Strap [CALL] (pair)

12' Premium Tie Down Strap [CALL] (pair)

15' Premium Tie Down Strap [CALL] (pair)

20' Premium Tie Down Strap [CALL] (pair)


      For many years now we've been carrying the best Tie Down Straps at the best price. These straps are strong and have corrosion resistant buckles that are padded to keep from scratching any of the gear you're tying down.

     There's no need to operate any ratcheting mechanism, just slip the strap through the buckle and pull it snug.

     We stock Premium tie down straps (with padded buckle) in 8', 10', 12', 15' and 20' lengths.

Use the 8 and 10' for surfboards or narrower loads.

The 12' will work good for most kayaks.

The 15' also works good for one kayak (maybe two) and if tying on one kayak will leave you enough left over to tie to a side carry handle or other tie spot to keep the kayak from slipping forward or back.


The 20' length is good for tying down large loads or two or more kayaks.

     For more info or to purchase your Tie downs send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400