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Rescue Throw Bag (List [CALL])

Plenty Pupule priced at [CALL]





     One thing that's a good idea to always have on board your kayak is a way to tow another kayak or your own in if anyone should have a problem.

     There are a few ways to accomplish this. A bowline, rope or heavy duty paddle leash will tow in light conditions. If you want to have a dedicated tool that will work in heavy conditions, that will be long enough so you won't be getting rammed from behind if towing downwind, then this throw bag would be a good choice

     This throw bag has 50' of polypropylene, mildew and rot resistent, line rated at 900lb tensile strength. Great for towing or throwing to a swimmer in trouble.

     For more info or to purchase your Rescue Throw Bag send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400