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Choosing a Tandem or Single Kayak

     Many folks agonize over whether they'll be more happy in the long run by choosing a tandem for when friends or family come to visit or a single which they would be happier paddling themselves.

    This is a bit of a conundrum and each person has to weigh the positives and negatives themselves. Of course, many tandems have a center seat so they can be paddled solo but in most cases a person paddling solo would have a more enjoyable time in a single kayak for ease of paddling as well as ground handling the kayak weight.

      The obvious solution would be to have one of each if it's affordable and transportation is not a problem. Then again if finances are tight, one now and saving up for the second for a birthday or Christmas present could keep the piggy bank smiling and make for a nice gift at some point....

   If you're on the Big Island (or Kauai) and in the market for a kayak. Check with our rental or Demo availability and it could very well make your decision easier if you were to get out in both (single and tandem) options and see how both would work paddling single...