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Sept 22nd-23rd 2012 Kauai Pelagic Pursuit Tournament results!                                 


Dave Cook wins Pelagic

Jason takes 1st with an Ulua

Adam King brings in two big Ono



























































































                   This was our 13th Kayak Fishing Tournament "The Pelagic Pursuit" and our 1st Tournament on Kauai that we've hosted. We had 15 entrants competing for 2 Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks as well as $600 in cash and additional prizes..


In the Inshore Category:

1st was Jason Schmidt who landed a 9.7 lb Ulua which won him one of the Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks

2nd place was Raymond D with his 6.5 lb Aha ($200 prize)

3rd place was Joel P with a 2.4 lb Uku ($100 prize)

4th place was Benjamin L with a 1.9 lb Moana

5th place was Bobby Menks with a 1.7lb Papio

6th place was Russel Matsuyama with a 1.2lb Perch

7th place was Sheldon C with a .94 lb

8th place was Cuda with a .75 lb Moana

9th place was Edwin C with a .57 lb

Results In the Pelagic Category:

1st was Dave Cook who landed a 39.72 lb Ono which won him one of the Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks

2nd place was Adam King with his 37.23 lb Ono ($200 prize)

3rd place was Elvis Morel with a 2.62 lb Kawakawa ($100 prize)


And Winners in the Drawing for a free flight to the Big Island for the November tournament (in Kelly's Cessna 172, weather permitting)

Peter C

Benjamin L

Adam King

(1st Alternate) Edwin C

(2nd Alternate) Andrew Bolt

(3rd alternate) Milton Ceria


     With 15 entrants everyone had a good shot at the awards. The weigh in started off with some smaller fish (under 1 lb) weighing in but our smaller field didn't limit us to small fish coming in. It wasn't long until our jaws were dropping when the big Ono's appeared out of their Fish Bags.

   Kudos to Adam King who actually landed a pair of big Ono. 30 and 37 lbs. Either was big enough for 2nd (offshore) and the 37 lb catch was close to him taking 1st.

   And congrats to Dave Cook (Cookie). The story that I get is that he had been accumulating his fishing experience in a Moorea Kayak. That's a tiny kayak probably a bit smaller and less performing than if you sealed up and launched your bathtub and attempted fishing out of that.

   But apparently his offshore expeditions in his Moorea did get him the experience he needed. And this tournament (luckily) he was in a borrowed kayak with a bit more stability and carrying capacity... which was good because I'd have hated to see him trying to get his (personal biggest catch) 40 lb Ono onboard or even less likely, back to shore on his Morea.

   And now with his winning the Hobie Quest Angler as top prize, he's got a real fishing platform with great paddling speed. So now the pressure is on for him to perform again for our next tournament

   As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

And thanks to our Sponsors:

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Catch Big, Get Towed and join us again in Nov of 2012!

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