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Performance Considerations

     In general the longer, narrower kayaks will paddle the fastest requiring the least effort for a given distance covered. Choosing a narrower boat does give it less stability so if your intent is on staying upright or you want a kayak fishing platform or the ability to carry scuba gear you may want to choose a wider kayak. Some of the most stable kayaks great for kayak fishing are the Drifter, Prowler and Prowler Big Game.

     If you plan to be out for exercise or just like to travel fast, and your vehicle has the ability to carry the longer boat, then a higher performing boat can be a lot of fun.

     As you step down in length most kayaks get lighter, easier to transport and handle on and off the vehicle. You will sacrifice paddling speed especially as you get to the shorter models but each person has to decide for themselves what their priorities are. If  a shorter kayak fits your transport needs, or kayak weight, stabilty or price is a priority then make your choices accordingly.

     On the subject of performance, your paddle will also make a difference. In general the better paddles will get you to your destination quicker and a bit less winded than the less expensive models.