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Frequently asked Questions

Choosing a Paddle


     Most paddles will get you from point A to point B but if you're interested in comfort, weight, durability or performance you might want to look at the options.

     One factor is paddle length. Height and arm length can be taken into account but the width of the kayak is also important. Getting a short length paddle if you're going to be paddling a wider tandem kayak makes no sense since you'll be bumping your hands on the kayak. 220 and 230 centimeter paddles (about 4 inches difference) are the most common size used when sea kayaking in sit on top kayaks. 240 centimeter might be used on the widest kayaks or for taller people.


     There are also different shaft sizes and the smaller shafts will usually be more comfortable for those with smaller hands (preventing cramps) and the larger shafts more comfortable for those larger construction workers or basketball player hands.

      Most paddles dissasemble into two pieces for ease of transport and have assymetrical blades for better performance and can be paddled with straight blades or offset for paddling either right or left handed with a twisting motion.   

     On the less expensive side are aluminum shafts with plastic blades. Thinner wall aluminum (like the Carlisle Daytripper) will be less costly but not be as durable.

     There are some lightweight sturdy aluminum shafts with a performing blade (like the Canon Wave) at a moderate price that make a good all around and durable paddle.


     The next level up is a fiberglass shaft and plastic blade. Fiberglass is often lighter and doesn't corrode as easily over the years. Fiberglass is a good choice if it's to be your own personal paddle but if you're loaning it out or allowing kids to play with the paddle then aluminum would probably be more economical in the long run.

     Some of the better plastic blades are fiber reinforced which makes them a bit stiffer, better performing and longer lasting. A couple of good choices in this category would be the Simply Magic or Canon Wave Fiberglass paddles

     At the top of the line are the lightweight fiberglass/composite shafts with fiberglass/composite blades such as Werner or Accent. These paddles are designed to give you the best drive for the amount of effort you expend and the light weight won't tire you out while you're out on longer paddles.

     Care and maintenance for all paddles should include washing with fresh water after each use and storing dissasembled.