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Thule Outrigger                                         

Thule Outrigger Accessory

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     The Thule Outrigger still seems to be a well kept secret but those who have purchased one can attest to the greatly reduced physical strength that is required in getting the kayak on or off the roof rack with this device.

    The Outrigger is an additional bar which attaches to your normal Thule rack. When you're ready to load or unload your kayak, you slide the bar out away from the car so one end of your kayak is now poised off to the side of your car. Now you only need only set one end of the kayak on the ground and lower the other end down off the outrigger. If you have a dolly waiting below the kayak you may never need lift the full kayak weight.

    Loading is the reverse, one end up onto the Outrigger bar then switch ends to lift the other end up and slide the outrigger bar in even with the Thule rack.

    It probably sounds more complicated than it is but believe me, if you're concerned about lifting the kayak weight you will find it much easier with the Thule Outrigger.

     For more info or to purchase your Thule Outrigger send us an  Email or call (808) 880-1400