November 2009 Tournament

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Nov 21st-22nd 2009 Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament results!                                 

Steve takes Pro

Boogie lands the biggest Mahi

Devin's Mahi almost won him Offshore as well



Danielle hooked up in Offshore and Inshore

Mary caught in both categories as well

Adam's still finding the fish











































  Devin 1st in Inshore, and Sean 1st in Offshore

     This was our 9th Big Island Kayak Fishing tournament with 45 entrants.

     The format for the Pro Division differs slightly from the Recreational Class. The Pro entrants get their combined weight of their largest inshore and offshore fish. If they are able to land one of each category they also receive a 10% bonus added to their two fish total.


In the Inshore species:

1st was Devin Hallingstad who landed a 53.6 lb Ulua

2nd place went to Chris Kutsch bringing in a 34.2 lb Ulua

3rd place was Steve Fogarty with a 13.6 lb Ulua

4th place was Donald Bois with a 13.6 lb Ulua

5th place was Keith Yamamoto with a 13.2 lb Ulua

6th place was Lance Bowman with a 11.6 lb Ulua

7th place was Danielle with a 11 lb Ulua

8th place was Jesse Stacy with a 6.8 lb Barracuda

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to Sean Jenson who landed a 30.6 lb Mahi Mahi

2nd place was Devin Hallingstad with a 28.2 lb Mahi mahi

3rd place was Thomas Jim with a 21.4 lb Mani Mahi

4th place was Steve Fogarty with a 20.6 lb Kawa Kawa

5th place was Keith Yamamoto with a 18.2 lb Kamanu (Rainbow Runner)

6th place was John Tarson with a 17.4 lb Mahi Mahi

7th place was Tammy Elarco with a 14.8 lb  Mahi Mahi

8th place was Randall Elarco with a 13.6 lb Kamanu

9th place was Teresa Elarco with a 13.2 lb Mahi Mahi

Tied for 10th was  Danielle Moyal and Jason Palacol, each with a 12 lb Mahi Mahi   

Results In the Pro Division:

Steve Heusser (Big Island) took 1st with his 59.2 lb Ulua and 16.2 lb Kawa Kawa for a combined total of 82.9 lbs

2nd place went to Andy Cho bringing in a 17.2 lb Kahala and 43.2 lb Ono for a combined total of 66.4 lbs

3rd place was Boogie Elgas (Oahu) with a 15 lb Ulua and 34.8 lb Mahi for a combined total of 54.8 lbs

4th place was Jesse Shim with a 29 lb Ulua and 20 lb Mahi for combined total of 53.9

5th place was Patrick Wilson with a 25.2 lb Ulua and 15.4 lb Mahi for a combined total of 44.6

6th place was Adam Hodgson with a 12.2 lb Kahala and 13.8 lb Mahi for a combined total of 28.0 lbs

7th place was Mary Melnick with a 11.2 lb Aha and 6.6 lb Mahi for a combined total of 19.6 lbs

8th place was Robert Madrigal with a 12.4 lb Mahi Mahi

9th place was Hendrick Agterkamp with a 6.6 lb Aha

     With the Mahi biting we were back to 45 entrants which was a good showing and the number of fish caught and the average size were better than usual. It was nice to see more women getting in to compete against the boys. Four female entrants this time and every one of them weighed in decent fish so no excuses guys.

     Devin Hallingstad chose this tournament to let everyone know that he's a force to be reckoned with. His winning Ulua was the 2nd largest fish weighed in but he also took 2nd in Offshore with one of the largest Mahi caught.. Had he entered the Pro division he would have outscored Steve by 7lbs. And he'll get his chance against the pros next time around because our rule is now that if you win a kayak, you're not allowed in Rec for the following tournament.

    And Sean Jensen landed a number of good sized Offshore fish. His 30lb Mahi won him the Hobie Quest Kayak

    Devin Hallingstad taking 2nd in Offshore won a really nice Penn Rod/Reel Combo

     Chris Kutsch taking 2nd in Inshore also won the same Penn Rod/Reel Combo

     And Thomas Jim taking 3rd in the Offshore category won the super comfortable GTS Kayak Seat from Surf to Summit..

    And Steve Fogarty taking 3rd in the Inshore category won a really nice Triangle (dry) Deckpack..


    And for the Pro Division.... Steve was able to knock Andy Cho out of the top Pro position.. So Steve will now be joining his wife Cindy along with Andy on our Perpetual Trophy in the Plenty Pupule Kayak Store. And Steve won the $850 cash prize but generously donated $450 of it back into the purse for the next tournament.

   And pertaining to the Pro Division: In the days following the tournament we heard some unsettling information about Andy Cho alledgedly threatening another tournament participant on the water. First verbally and then (allegedly) following it up with phisically intimidating action.

    We'll be following up on this incident, accumulating information from as many sources as are available and if the allegations prove to be valid there would be consequences for that behavior (physical intimidation during a meet would be considered cheating at the very least) and possible rule changes in the future

And thanks to our Sponsors:

Hobie Kayak

Ocean Kayak


and Plenty

   Our next tournament is set for May 2010. It's again set to be a two day event.

    Kate and I would like to thank all the entrants for making this tournament such a success. Special thanks the women who came out to challenge the guys and to the The Coastal Kayaking Team (of Oahu Anglers) that made the effort to be here and deal with the logistics of kayak fishing away from home. And their trip did seem to pay off when they showed a really impressive amount of fish coming out of their bag to be weighed.

         As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments to Kelly or Kate (P and P Kayaks)

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us in May 2010!

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