Nov 2007 Tournament Results

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Nov. 2007 Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament results!                                         

Evan Obras winning Ulua


Corbins winning Mahi and Todds Barracuda


Davids Mahi 2nd place, Matt takes 3rd


Jason 2 sizable fish in the Inshore division


Patrick and Shane tie for 4th


Steves Mahi takes 6th, Skips Cuda takes 4th



     Nov 24th-25th 2007 Tournament Results:

      Thanksgiving week often produces good results for Kayak Fishing. A number of Big Island fishermen looked at the moon, the higher wind/wave forecast and decided to wait for the next tournament.

     For those that took the rain check, they missed a great tournament. Actually two days before the tournament we got a hint of fish being out there when we heard that Reggie Pare had hauled a 90 lb Sailfish into his kayak.

     Despite very high winds on Saturday which forced most anglers into the South Kona area for safety, the fish were showing up. Sunday the winds quieted down allowing good conditions for fishing along the whole west coast.

     This was our 3rd tournament and we're now bringing in Anglers from Oahu and the Mainland. An Oahu contingent of 9 Anglers made the trip to challenge our local crew.

     The best known of the Oahu crew is Isaac Brumagham who is a sponsored Kayak Angler, he writes for the Hawaii Fishing News and also puts on Oahu Tournaments

     We were all amazed by Isaacs determination when we heard that on Sunday he, and buddy Clint, paddled from Kawaihae to Mahukona and back (something like 28 miles roundtrip!) trolling most of the way and stopping to bottom fish for a few rest stops.

     Results In the offshore Category:

1st place went to Corbin Backman (of Oahu) with a 34.8 lb Mahi

2nd place went to David Kamau who hauled in a 31.8 lb Mahi

3rd place went to Matt Hall with a 31.6 lb Mahi

a 4th place tie went to Patrick Wilson with a 30 lb Mahi

also tied for 4th was Shane Fujimoto with a matching 30 lb Mahi

6th place went to Steve Harris with a 20.4 lb Mahi

7th place went to Clint Hinahara with a 14.8 lb Mahi

8th place went to Dick Waas with a 14.2 lb Mahi

9th place went to Ed Evans with a 7.8 lb Mahi

In the Inshore species:

1st went to Evan Obra (Big Island) who landed a 41.3 lb Ulua

2nd place went to Todd Andrews bringing in a 30.5 lb Barracuda

3rd place was Jason Shively with a 23.8 lb Ulua

4th place went to Skip Edmonson with a 11.8 lb Barracuda

5th place went to Clint Hinahara with an 8 lb Uku

6th place went to Brian Beckwith who caught a 6.2 lb Omilu

Tied for 7th place was Isaac Brumagham with a 5.8 lb Uku

also tied for 7th place was Steve Harris with a matching 5.8 lb Uku

     The winning Angler in the Inshore division, Evan Obra was our youngest entrantat age 21. He certainly wasn't intimidated by the older, more seasoned Anglers He showed off his expertise by bringing in his Ulua which was the Tournaments biggest fish. He got his choice of Angler Kayak. He chose an Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident Angler.

     Corbin Backman (of Oahu) brought in the bigggest Mahi Mahi (winning the Offshore division) he chose the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 Angler Kayak for his prize

     2nd place winners in each category received a set of really fine quality fillet knives made in Switzerland by Forschner

    3rd place winners in each category received an Extrasport Osprey Fishing PFD

    Patrick Wilson should be mentioned who came in with a large cooler overflowing with Mahi. It looked like his total catch easily outweighed everyone elses haul. Only his heaviest fish counted though which left him wondering how all his effort and results could only end up in a tie for 4th.

    And Skip Edmonson who was a newbie Angler getting in his first taste of kayak fishing in our May 2007 tournament. Turns out Skip liked kayak fishing and the fish liked him as well since he made the top three in May and now showing consistency by taking 4th in November.

     In keeping with each of previous tournaments, our numbers again went up and we had a total of 37 anglers entered. Manny from Kawaihae Canoe Club again allowed us use of the Canoe Club facilities which was greatly appreciated.


    Our next tournament is set for May 31st and June 1st 2008. It's again set to be a two day event.

    We would like to thank all the entrants for making this contest such a great sucess. Special thanks to all the Oahu Anglers that made effort to be here and deal with the logistics of kayak fishing away from home.

     We'd welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us on May 31st 2008!

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