May 2010 Tournament

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May 22nd-23rd 2010 Big Island Tournament results!                                 

Davids Ono wins him a kayak

Boogies 3rd place Kahala

Patricks 2nd place Ono

Sean catch in both categories took 2nd in Pro

Sams 3rd place Ono

Johns Ulua gets his 2nd for Inshore




































































                  Jake wins Inshore     Matts monster Barricuda takes Pro


     This was our 10th Big Island Kayak Fishing tournament with 38 entrants.

     The format for the Pro Division differs slightly from the Recreational Class. The Pro entrants get their combined weight of their largest inshore and offshore fish. And if they are able to land one of each category they also receive a 10% bonus added to their two fish total.


In the Inshore species:

1st was Jake Merkel who landed a 41.8 lb Ulua

2nd place went to John Quitoriano bringing in a 41.4 lb Ulua

3rd place was Aaron Biber with a 31.2 lb Ulua

4th place was Adam King with a 8.4 lb Ulua

5th place was Mathew Bumanglag with a 7 lb Palani

6th place was Bobby Menks with a 1.8 lb Muana Kali

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to David Kamau who landed a 45.8 lb Ono

2nd place was Patrick Torres with a 37.6 lb Ono

3rd place was Sam Britton with a 23.8 lb Ono


Results In the Pro Division:

Matt Wilson (Big Island) took 1st with his whopping 51.6 lb Barracuda.

2nd place went to Sean Jenson bringing in a 14.2lb Ulua and a 19.8 lb Ono for a combined total of 37.4 lbs

3rd place was Boogie Elgas (Oahu) with a 26.4 lb Kahala

4th place was Adam Hodgson with an 18.8 lb Mahi

5th place was Micah Pignolet with a 16.8 lb Barricuda

     With 38 entrants it was a decent showing and the number of fish  weighed in was a few less (in numbers) than last tournament but the top fish were still quite impressive.

   Only 3 fish weighed in the Offshore Division, all Ono, and David Kamau found the catch that blew away his competition.

    The Inshore Division was tighter between Jake Merkel and John Quitoriano with Jakes Ulua edging out Johns by less than half a pound.


    And for the Pro Division.... Sean Jensen was the only angler able to catch in both categories. Adam Hodgson was the only one on the water finding a Mahi Mahi to weigh in but it was Matt Wilson that brought in the massive Barricuda that took the $1000 cash prize.

    And noticeably absent (from the Pro) were Andy and Steve Cho. For those of you that hadn't heard, both Cho brothers have been banned from all future P and P sponsored Big Island Tournaments. We've posted our reasoning for this decision at the bottom of this page.

And for the Rec Division Prizes


   Jake Merkel taking 1st in Inshore won the Feel Free Moken 12 Angler Kayak

   David Kamau with 1st Offshore won the Hobie Quest Angler Kayak

   John Quitoriano taking 2nd in In shore won a really nice Rod/Reel Combo

     Sam Britton taking 2nd in Offshore also won the same Rod/Reel Combo

     And Aaron Biber taking 3rd in the Inshore category won a "Big Back" taller backrest with lumbar support..

    And Steve Fogarty taking 3rd in the Inshore category also won the Big Back" taller backrest with lumbar support..".


As I mentioned at the weigh in:

     there will be upcoming changes to the Tournament.

Notice: 6/15/2010 We've decided to suspend the Pro Division and we have some other changes to the tournament prize structure as well... check out the all the current updates on the tournament webpage


    Kate and I would like to thank all the entrants for making this tournament such a success. Special thanks the Outfitters Kauai Team and the The Coastal Kayaking Team (Oahu) that made the effort to be here and deal with the logistics of kayak fishing away from home.

         As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

And thanks to our Sponsors:

Hobie Kayak

Feel Free Kayak


and Plenty

   Our next tournament is set for August 2010. It's again set to be a two day event.

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us in August 2010!

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    And finally the details on the Cho situation:

   Kayak Fishing has enough dangers with Weather, Teethy Critters and sharp hooks flinging their way around the cockpit. None of us want to add Violent Anglers as concerns we have to worry about for our safety.....

     So Andy Cho was alledged to have verbally assaulted/intimidated another tournament participant on the water, at last Novembers Tournament, and then alledgedly followed that verbal threat up with physical action.

   And after months of assimilating information from different sources we deemed those allegations to be valid and decided Andy would be barred from all the 2010 Tournaments which we hoped would teach him a lesson... That behavior, which goes beyond bad sportsmanship and more toward cheating (if one intimidates another competitor off the playing field) will not be tolerated in any of our tournaments

     But that's not the end of the story.... Andy and Steve came into the P and P retail store (the week before the May 2010 Tournament and Andy finally learned the consequences of his actions from last (November) tournament. And another incident occurred.

   I had all the details posted here on that interaction but the Chos are now threatening legal action. And enough people are already aware of this interaction.. and the details are not all that pertinent (or more pertinent than the November incident anyway), in our decision, which given this most recent incident, has changed to a complete banning of both brothers from all future P and P sponsored Kayak Fishing Tournaments.

    The one thing people should be aware of concerning this May 19th 2010 incident is that the details are on written record. The police did come into my store and take a report.

   The Chos are adamant that I can't prove what occurred on that date because it is both their combined recollection (stories) against my single testimony of the events that happened. I'm not at all convinced that they are correct in that assessment but in the interest in saving time and attorney expenses, I've deleted the detailed account of that incident from the website.

   And that's not at all to say it didn't happen exactly as I originally related the incident. I do stand by that original statement as 100% accurate. There is a written record and a police report and if there is any future legal issues concerning the Chos, I will be the first witness to step up and bring forward the details of that incident.

    One final thing the Chos requested, along with their lawsuit threat, was for me to give a written apology. And I have no problem giving that apology even though it would certainly have more significance were it coming directly from them.

   I do sincerly apologize to all kayakers, especially kayak anglers, for the tarnish in (kayak fishing community) reputation that has resulted from a few Bozos that feel their sense of entitlement allows them to trample on others rights to enjoy a free ocean.

    When the vast majority of kayak fishermen are honest, fun loving individuals interested in the ocean being a violence-free place to enjoy their sport. It shouldn't be all that difficult to bring into public view, the actions of a small minority that would threaten peoples individual rights to enjoy a safe and free ocean...