May 2009 Tournament Results

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May 2009 Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament results!                                         


David wins Inshore and Mary catches in Pro

Andy's Kahala boosts him into 1st in Pro, again....

Steve Harris takes 2nd in Offshore


Lance (Ulua) takes 2nd in Inshore

John Whitman with the 2nd largest fish in Pro missed getting the bonus without an Inshore catch.












































  May 2nd and 3rd 2009 Tournament Results:

    Alexander's winning Ono. Angling partner Steve (on left) pulled in another almost as big .

     This was our 7th Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament with 33 entrants in our Recreational Division and 12 in the Pro Division..

     The format for the Pro Division is slightly different than the Recreational Class. The Pros entrants get their combined weight of their largest inshore and largest offshore fish. If they are able to land one of each category they also receive a 10% bonus added to their two fish total.


In the Inshore species:

1st was David Giff (Big Island) who landed a 39.6 lb Barracuda

2nd place went to Lance Bowman bringing in a 38.2 lb Ulua

3rd place was Keith Yamamoto with a 21 lb Barracuda

4th place went to Kahula Davis with a 15.8 lb Kahala

5th place went to Jesse Shim with a 14.6 lb Ulua

6th place went to Robert Madrigal who caught a 13.6 lb Omilu

7th place was Chris Finch with a 13.4 lb Ulua

8th went to John Tarson with a 10.2 lb Omilu

9th went to Donald Bois with with a 9 lb Papio

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to Alexander Budge (Big Island) who landed a 39.8 lb Ono

2nd place was Steve Harris with a 35.5 lb Ono

3rd place went to Evan Obra bringing in a 31.6 lb Ono

4th place went to Burt Burgos with a 18.2 lb Ahi

5th place to Jesse Shim with a 15.8 lb Kawa Kawa


Results In the Pro Division:

Andy Cho (Big Island) took 1st with his 20 lb Ahi and 17.8 lb Kahala for a combined total of 41.58 lbs

2nd place went to Shiloh Oliberos bringing in a 24.2 lb Ono and 7.4 lb Uku for a combined total of 34.76 lbs

3rd place was Steven Cho with a 20.2 lb Ahi and 10.4 lb Kahala for a combined total of 33.66 lbs

4th place went to John Whitman with a 20.4 lb Ono

5th place was Mary Melnick with an 8.8 lb Barracuda

6th place was Justin Mendoza with a 4.8 lb Papio

7th place (unofficially) went to Boogie Elgas with a 6 lb Tako (Octopus). His catch was unofficial because it was not a fish species at all but we still let him weigh it in since it was an impressive Tako and looked like it would make a nice dinner.

     Another great turnout and good sized catches making in to the Weigh in. With all the commotion and hand written scores separating the two Rec divisions and also the Pro Division, trying to quickly get the awards in progress soon after the weigh in cutoff, I always seem to find a mistake somewhere in the middle of the award ceremony.

    This time was no different but it was going so well, reading off the top ten, up to the top 3 that I thought I might make it though without a hitch. Then after awarding the 2nd place awards, Evan Obra (one of our previous Yak-Attack Winners) mentioned that his 32.6 lb Ono should have put him in third..

     After scutinizing my list, Evan's catch had not even made it on my offical list..... Apparently Evan had snuck in and weighed his own catch while I was not monitoring the scale closely enough. And Michael, the Aquahunters Video Man had his camera constantly on the scale and was diligently writing down the name and weight of every angler weighing in.

    So Evan, weighing himself in, thought Michael had officially entered him onto the score sheet.... Anyway after a bit of confusion we sorted out the situation. Evan's weigh in had been observed, photographed and validated in writing by Michael while filming for Aquahunters. So even though it slipped past my official score sheet his catch was deemed to be valid.


    And for the Pro Division.... What can you say about these (Pro) Cho Brothers? They seem to be like the Tiger Woods of Hawaiian Kayak Fishing. Andy (for the 2nd tournament in a row) will again be listed on our Perpetual Trophy in the Plentypupule Kayak Store as well as taking home the $1000 cash prize and with Bro Cho (Steve) taking 3rd they have now commmandeered two out of the top 3 Pro Places for 2 tournaments in a row. I guess the only thing we can say is thank goodness they aren't coming up with a 3rd Cho Bro or they might consistently be sweeping the top places.

     Alexander Budge caught the largest fish in the Recreational class (by just 2 tenths of a lb) which won him his choice of Angler Kayak. He is carefully considering all his options, talking with other anglers and will probably try a few out on the water before committing himself to a design.

     David Giff's win for Inshore got him geared up with a Trident 13 Angler.

    Steve Harris taking 2nd in Offshore won

     Lance Bowman taking 2nd in Inshore an awesome carbon paddle, the Seven2 Vapor.

      Evan Obra coming in 3rd in the Offshore category won a great Drybag/Deckpack produced by Feel Free.

     Keith Yamamoto taking 3rd in the Inshore category won the Seven2 Iso carbon shaft paddle.

     And John Whitman momentarally in 3rd (offshore) got knocked back into 4th by Evan but we made sure that he was also awarded the (Feel Free Deckpack) prize and wasn't psychologically traumatized by my failure to monitor the scale.

     We noticed quite a few new Anglers (new to our Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament anyway) joining our Angling Fest. Great to meet the new recruits and hope to see more anglers in the upcoming Yak-Attacks

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Hobie Kayak

Feel Free Kayak


and Plenty Pupule

   Our next tournament is set for August 22nd and 23rd 2009. It's again set to be a two day event.

    We would like to thank all the entrants for making this a very sucessful tournament. Special thanks to all the The Coastal Kayaking Team (of Oahu Anglers) that made the effort to be here and deal with the logistics of kayak fishing away from home.

         As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments to Kelly or Kate (P and P Kayaks)

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us on August 22nd and 23rd 2009!


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