ACR Personal Locator Beacon

Survival in the palm of your hand

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ACR Personal Locator Beacons !                                         


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These ACR Beacons are used by the U.S. Military,

Coast Guard, NATO and Artic Explorers

The rescue beacons are designed to be used as a last resort when other other means of self rescue have been exhausted.

If the situation becomes grave or life threatening, activate your beacon and get help on the way.....






     It's time to take your backcountry experiences (land, water or air), however isolated you take yourself, into safer territory. For the vast majority of our history, a serious accident out in the backcountry could put you at a real risk of death. If you didn't have a trekking partner capable of making a quick exit back to civilazation, to summon help, you could very well be out of luck depending on your location and the chance of someone happening to pass by, who will recognize your distressing situation.

     Today with Cell Phones (in the more civilized areas) help is often quick to respond but as we get farther into the back country we often leave the cell coverage areas behind, and until recently, we've had to depend on our wits and skills to keep us safe.

     Regardless of our skills, accidents can and do happen. These locator Beacons are the ultimate backup should we find ourselves in a situation that is bad, getting worse and the odds of our coming out intact is becoming less likely.

    With these Locator Beacons you can turn a life threatening situation into a successful rescue story. Since 1982 this technology is credited with saving over 20,000 lives.

     It's as easy as pushing a button. The ones we carry in stock have GPS integrated into the units so recuers can identify your position and come straight to your location in the shortest possible time. It acquires your GPS position and transmits it along with your unique identifier code through the COSPAS-SARSAT sattelites, alerting Search and Rescue that you need immediate help.

     These units work fast. Search and Rescue can be notified and start planning your rescue in as little as three minutes!


Be Responsible, Be Prepared, Be Safe...