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Thigh Straps!                                       

Padded Thigh straps [CALL]

Deluxe Padded Thigh Straps [CALL]

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      Thighstraps are used to brace yourself in the kayak in whitewater, surf or rough ocean conditions.

   The ability to brace yourself can be the difference between staying right side up and getting flipped over in waves.

    The standard Leg Straps are narrower, padded and adjustable with brass clips.

    The Deluxe Pair are adjustable, padded, have the curved fit and are built with heavier duty webbing and bungee to customize the fit as well as handle heavy conditions and last probably as long as you will.

     For more info or to purchase your Thigh Straps send us an  Email or call (808) 880-1400