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June 2007 Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament results!                                         

Bert Llanes winning Ono

Steve Kishimoto winning Uku

Nov. 2006 nice Mahi

Patrick Wilson's winning Barracuda (Nov.2006)

Some of our Big Island tournament winners








     June 2nd-3rd 2007:

     We picked the weekend of June 2nd-3rd 2007 for our Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament.

     Results In the offshore Category:

1st place went to Bert Llaneswith a 39.4 lb Ono

2nd place went to Steve Harris with a 21.5 lb Ono

3rd place went to Skip Edmonson with a 20.4 lb Mahi

4th place went to Star Hellickson with a 18.2 lb Mahi

5th place went to Wallace Crank with a 18.2 lb Mahi

6th place went to Dean Hellickson with a 14.6 lb Mahi

7th place went to Dick Waas with a 14.5 lb Mahi

8th place went to Paul Belmudes with a 13.2 lb Mahi

9th place went to Travis Hall with a 12 lb Mahi

In the Inshore species:

1st went to Steve Kishimoto who landed a 17.8 lb Uku

2nd place went to Scott Henderson with a 15.4 lb Barracuda

3rd place went to Reuben Llanes Jr with a 14.5 lb Kahala

4th place went to Wallace Crank with a 11 lb Barracuda

5th place went to Steve Harris with a 9.8 lb Omilu

6th place went to Jerry Iwankiw with a 9.2 lb Kahala

7th place went to Dean Hellickson with a 8.4 lb Omilu

8th place went to Patrick Wilson with a 6.6 lb Uku

     The winning Angler Bert Llanes got his choice of Fishing Kayak He chose a Hobie Mirage Outback.

     Steve Kishimoto won an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Kayak

     2nd place winners received a $125 Gift Certificate for P and P Kayak Gear

     3rd place winners received really fine quality fillet knives made in Switzerland by Forschner

     We had a total of 31 anglers entered. Manny from Kawaihae Canoe Club allowed us use of the Canoe Club facilities which was greatly appreciated.


    Our next tournament is set for early Noivember 2007. It's planned to be a two day event.

    WeI would like to thank all the entrants for making this contest such a great sucess. We had a 75% increase in entrants from our first Yak-Attack Tournament to this June 2007 event so we're looking forward to wecoming more anglers to Big Island kayak fishing tournaments in the future.

     We'd welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us in November 2007!

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