"The Pelagic Pursuit"

Big Island Tournament

Congrats to Devin on his April 2014

212 Black Marlin Kayak Catch

Spring 2015Tournament April 18th and 19th


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The P and P "Pelagic Pursuit" Kayak Fishing Tournament!

Big Island Tournament Winners

Devins Single Day haul (Sat) 11/9/13


John's Sailfish August 2008

Boogie November 2009


Matt's monster Barricuda May 2010


Cy's Ono Nov 2008

Rob's 84 lb Ulua August 2009

Adam November 2008

Corbin Nov 2007


Devins Record 177 lb Ahi


































































Devins 112 lb Sailfish and Onos (March 2012)

Click on this link to print up the Entry Form, Rules and Waivers


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Stop by the Plenty Pupule Kayak store (Kona), to fill out your entry forms, and get in on the Kayak Fishing excitement with the chance to win your share of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes!


The next Kayak Fishing Tournament, The Big Island Pelagic Pursuit! is set for April 18th-19th 2015

[CALL] early entry fee! And two Hobie Quest 11 Angler Kayaks as top prizes!

As our top "Incentive" Prize, One of those Quest 11s will be going to the Angler bringing in the "Inshore" species closest to 10 lbs!

     Congratulations to Devin Hallingstad (photo at top left) setting another Kayak Fishing Record with his 212 lb Black Marlin in our April 2014 Tournament. That record is in addition to his record 177 lb Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna), in his Hobie MIrage Revolution without motorized assistance! Read his (177 lb Ahi) story at the bottom to get amped up for coming tournaments!


     All kayak fisherpersons pictured left have placed among the top finishers in our Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournaments. Kelly Harrison of www.plentypupule.com (P and P Kayaks) and his staff are now hosting the P and P "Pelagic Pursuit" Kayak Fishing Contests.

    And we're always open to input for improving the tournament. So send us any ideas by email (to les@plentypupule.com)

      Click the following links to see our more recent and past kayak fishing tournaments, summaries of the meets, and photos of the winners and their catches.


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For our upcoming Kayak Fishing Clinics

    Saturday is ground school in the store and Sunday, we'll be getting out on the water to put your newfound knowledge and gear to the test. Clinic fee is [CALL]


Here are some of the details for our upcoming Pelagic Pursuit...

    Anglers are welcome to fish (from a kayak, Canoe or SUP) at any location around the Big Island that they choose.


   For those who are time challenged, you're welcome to compete on a single day as long as you can get your catch to the weigh-in on Sunday from 4-5:30 pm at the Plenty Pupule Kayak (Kona) retail store.


    We've simplified our entry divisions. So all entrants are automatically good whether they catch Inshore or Pelagic species. Contestants will get scored for their heaviest Pelagic and/or heaviest Inshore catch.

     Entry fees for the tournament are now a flat [CALL] "Early entry" (or [CALL] the week of the tournament) for single Anglers. [CALL] entry for a Tandem team. Tandem would be 2 entrants fishing together out of a tandem Kayak or OC2.

   Tandem Teams will be able to weigh in one inshore and one Pelagic (catch) per team.

     Motorized Kayaks are not allowed in the tournament.


Here is the link to print up the Entry Form, Rules and Waivers




Top Prizes: 2 Kayaks as top prizes! One Hobie Quest 11 goes to the angler weighing in the largest fish. The 2nd Hobie Quest 11 goes to the"Closest to 10lbs" winner.

     We weigh in (and have awards) in both divisions, Pelagic and Inshore, The top 3 in each division will receive awards.. 

   Additional Hobie prizes being awarded will include 2) Hobie Fisherman Pfds, 2) Fiberglass Paddles, 2) pairs Hobie Escondido Sunglasses, 2 Rod Leashes, 4) Angler T shirts, 6) Hobie Hats with some of these items being given in our drawing for those attending the weigh in that weren't fortunate enough to place among the top finishers.


    As always, I'd appreciate any comments/ideas to improve the tournament.

   All entrants will receive a T-Shirt with soft drinks and Pupuus being served during the weigh-in hours, Sunday from 4-5:30pm at the Plenty Pupule Kayak (Kona) store..  

     All entrants catching fish and wanting to win a prize must show up during those weigh-in hours on Sunday from 4-5:30pm to be eligible for awards.

  . We probably don't need to mention it but please be aware that the weigh-in cut off time will be strictly enforced as it has been in the past 


     Sea Life not allowed will be Eels, Turtles, Rays, Sharks, and Marine Mammals. Fish Only!

     Fishing must be accomplished from a Kayak, Canoe or Sup, though you are free to fish at any location around the Big Island that you choose. No assistance from motor boats (or any motors mounted on kayaks) is allowed.

   State Law must be obeyed. Kayakers must have a PFD and whistle on board while fishing in the tournament.

    Participants must either fish with a partner, provide a detailed float plan to a significant other (or Plenty Pupule Kayaks), or carry sufficient emergency gear (like cell phone, vhf radio or personal location beacon) that would be reasonable for safety given the area that they intend on fishing.

     All fish must be caught by rod and reel from a Kayak, OC or SUP.


     No night fishing is allowed during the Tournament.

     No previously frozen or rotten fish will be allowed to weigh in. The weigh-in time will be strictly observed. Fish as late as you like, but make the weigh-in deadline on Sunday. 

     The category for Inshore fish will be comprised of Ulua, Kahala, O'milu, Kagami, Kaku, Uku, Kumu, Aha and all reef fish such as Roi, Palani or Kala

     The Offshore Category will be comprised of Ahi, Mahimahi, Ono, Aku, Kawakawa, Spearfish and any other Billfish

     Any species caught but not listed above will be classified by the contest officials.


Tournament Sponsorship provided by:

Hobie Kayaks




plentypupule.com (Plenty Pupule Kayaks)


    Entry Forms and Waivers will be available at the Plenty Pupule Kayaks Kona... or click on the Rules/Waivers/Entry Forms link to print them out.

Hook em up!

Ride em till they submit,

And we'll see you at the weigh in....



Devin's 177lb Record Ahi (Photo on left)


(For clarity: Devin is fishing out of a Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 with the sidekick Amas attached)

     I wanted to get it in as quick as I could so no shark had a chance at it.  I had to stand and lean over the side to pull it in the yak but once up all the weight made the kayak extremely tipsy.  My ama's were constantly under water.  Now I had to spin it and slide it in the back so I could peddle in because at this point it was taking up the entire Kayak.  With only a small area in the front and back I sat in the back of the kayak submerged in water and pulled inch by inch.

      I then climbed to the front and pushed and moved poles, lines fins and ropes and could then finally get the monster in the back after some really close calls.  I had to lean extra hard not the flip with all that dead stiff weight it was enough to easily flip and break my ama's especially tied to the boat. I could finally peddle with the back submerged and the fish sitting in water and the front doing wheelies over every wind swell and my seat completely filled with blood.  Slowly I worked my way in a mile or so and I had to peddle hard.  

      I knew I was taking in water because it always does when I pack my larger friends back there.  I couldn't open the hatch in the middle because it was submerged and I didn't want to open the front because I had to balance and move gear.  It was so gnarly I contemplated dumping the fish and somehow floating it back to shore, but I had no floats.  Once in shore I found my yak full of water.  Luckily there were some tourists to help me carry the fish up the beach and over some rocks to my truck.  Once I got it in the box I couldn't close the lid and had shibis sticking out of the ice around it.  I could finally take a deep breath and thought what a beautiful sight!!!  Looking at the leader I was lucky because the 100 lb. leader was worn in half from the fight.  The next day the fish weighed in at 176.5 lbs.


Devins Record 212 lb Black Marlin April 2014