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Insulated Fish Bags!                                         

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    This Insulated Fish Bag makes life so much simpler, less messy and safer when your catch makes it's way onboard and you're now intent on getting it safely stored away.

    Manufactured with insulating foam so you throw in some ice and keep your catch in top condition until you can make it back on land

    Designed to be strapped on deck (front or back) or it fits inside many hatches. Zippers on both end of the bag go along the bottom and completely up one side to the top. If you're fortunate enough to haul in a catch longer than the bag, just leave the small end zipper slightly open and let the tail hang out.

     Two solid carry handles attached to one side makes toting the big load of fish a breeze.

     For more info or to purchase your Insulated Fish Bag send us an Email or call 808 880-1400