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Kayaking Questions and Answers

     Pretty much everyone wants similar things in a kayak, the lightest possible kayak with superior performance, something that's not going to end up with them swimming, and plenty of room for storage doesn't hurt.

     Some users will prioritize stability so it's beginner friendly as well as being able to safely carry scuba gear or be easy to fish from for the more advanced users. For others, a compact size so it can fit in the pickup bed or inside the SUV would make it oh so handy.

    You can be sure the manufacturers are competing to find that best fit which will in turn sell the most boats but realistically there are as many different priorities as there are different personalities, and different choices often have trade offs, so deciding on what your priorities are will be important if you expect get the most enjoyment  from the gear you choose.

      That is one reason why manufacturers offer so many different choices. Most are built to be as light as practical, some prioritize stability or compact size, others speed, fishing features or carrying ability.

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