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Extreme Waterproof Cases! Call about wholesale pricing...                                         

















      These S3 Extreme Cases are the highest quality waterproof cases available. They are manufactured in the U.S. utilizing the highest grade materials including stainless steel hinges. All cases have been drop tested, immersion tested and are virtually indestructible coming with a lifetime guaranty.

     T1000 Inside Dimensions: 3.93"x2.39"x.94" perfect for cash, keys, and the slimmer cell phones. (Yellow case to the left) Includes lanyard. [CALL]


  T2000 Inside Dimensions: 6"x3.4"x1.19" Great for protecting batteries, cell phones, many digital cameras or your wallet. Includes lanyard. [CALL]



T2500 Inside Dimensions: 6"x3.42"x2.77" Similar to the model above but a much deeper carrying capacity. You can fit cell phones, wallet, digital camera or and assorted combination of gear [CALL]



     T3000 Inside Dimensions: 7.88"x3.90"x1.42" Works well with any of the above items and will also protect MP3 Players, passports, pda accessories, checkbooks, sunglasses or many gps units. Includes lanyard. [CALL]


     T3500 Inside Dimensions: 7.88"x3.90"x3.53"  Carries everything the T3000 can carry but gives you more than twice the depth for carrying multiple items or those requiring additional space. Includes lanyard. [CALL]



     T4000 Inside Dimensions: 5.42"x3.31"x2.52" Includes belt loop and belt clip. Good for any of the items above, handy to clip to your belt. Good for many radios and GPS units. Includes lanyard. [CALL]




     T4500 Inside Dimensions: 6.94"x3.28"x2.49" Includes belt loop and belt clip. Similar to the model above but with more depth capacity. Includes lanyard. [CALL]





T5000 Inside Dimensions: 9.37"x7.24"x4.06"  Now were getting to a case size that can protect binoculars, 35mm cameras/accessories, radios and video cameras. Also a very good size for a medical kit. [CALL]



     T5500 Inside Dimensions: 9.37"x7.24"x6.08" Similar to the model above but with more depth capacity. Easily fits video cameras. [CALL]





     T6000 Inside Dimensions:11.93"x9.02"x4.05" This model can protect handheld gaming devices, fishing reels, dvd players or your choice of mutiple items. [CALL]




     T6500 Inside Dimensions: 11.93"x9.02"x5.98" Great for specialty testing equipment, road hazard kit or boat flare/emergency kits. [CALL]


     For more info or to purchase your S3 Waterproof cases send us an   Email or call (808) 880-1400