Sunrise in Waimanu Valley

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Respecting the Hawaiian Environment


     We live in the modern world. Hawaii while still incredibly beautiul is not the same as it was before European contact or before polynesian contact for that matter. Many original Hawaiian species have gone extinct and others are precariously balanced as our growing human presence has repercussions for these beautiful islands as well as the rest of our planet. Many plant and animal species and ultimately our human population may be at risk if our current progress is any indication.

     Please think about more than the beauty you currently see as you travel about these islands. Think about what it may be like in five years or ten or twenty. Try to leave the smallest footprints you can so as the tide comes up there remains few hints of how many have travelled this path before.

    Unfortunately not everyone is as thoughtful. When going to those out of the way places make sure to bring a trash bag to pack out anything you brought in and if possible leave these places better than you found them. If enough of us follow this advice we may still enjoy beautiful surroundings well into the future.