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The Drift Chute!                                         

Drift Chute [CALL]





     This wellmade Drift Chute can do a great job of slowing your progress downwind if you're out in winds blowing in a direction that you'd rather not go.

   Also used by fishermen when the hook up a monster and hope to slow down the fishes ability to take them out over the horizon.

    It's a valuable piece of safety gear if a paddler, fisherman (or kayak sailor) was getting blown completely off one of the Hawaiian Islands.

   If your ability to progress back toward your destination became impossibe (for whatever reason) using the drift chute you'd still be moving slowly downwind but if a recue team is going to come looking for you, they'd find you a shorter distance out, and find you a lot quicker, than having to expand their search over a much wider area the farther out they have to search


     For more info or to purchase your Drift Chute send us an Email  or call 880-1400