The Pelagic Pursuit

August 2011 Tournament Results

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August 27th-28th 2011 Pelagic Pursuit Tournament results!                                 

Drew's Mahi takes Offshore

Devin's Barricuda wins him Inshore

Victor's Aha is good for 3rd in Inshore

Johns Aku

Shannon's Aha

Greg's unofficial Omilu




















































































                 Devin and Zack - Close race for Inshore


     This was our 12th Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament "The Pelagic Pursuit" that we've hosted. We had 21 entrants competing for 2 Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks as well as another $600 in cash and prizes..


In the Inshore species:

1st was Devin Hallingstad who landed a 16.6 lb Barricuda which won him one of the Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks

2nd place went to Zack Brown with a 15.2 lb Uku($200 prize)

3rd place was Victor with a 9 lb Uku ($100 prize)

4th place was John Whitman with a 6.3 lb Aha

5th place was Steve Kishimoto with a 5.6 lb Aha

6th place was Shannon Lawless with a 4.9 lb Aha

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to Drew Moorehouse who weighed in the only Mahi at 11.4 lbs winning him a Hobie Quest Angler

2nd place was John Whitman with his 4 lb Aku($200 prize)


     With 21 entrants being less than our usual numbers it certainly gave the entrants a better than average chance at getting into the top prizes.

   At the weigh in the Anglers were discussing the weekends tough fishing with a few stories of large prospects that evaded capture. Most Anglers were reluctant to weigh in their smaller catches, waiting to see if any large fish might arrive. Then an extremely heavy rainshower came through and the weigh in deadline was fast approaching.

   As soon as the rain abated, the fish were soon lined up at the scale with Devin Hallingstad and Zack Brown in a close race for Inshore. Zack with his 15.2 lb Uku as well as a 13.2 lb Aha was just edged out by Devin with his 16 lb Barri and a 15.5 lb Kahala as his backup.

     In the offshore, only two angers were able to weigh in. Drew Moorehouse with the only Mahi and an a slightly embarrased John Whitman with his 4 lb Aku that with a bit of luck just happened to pay him off @ $25 per pound. Of course I had to query John on whether he had caught that Aku for bait and had been using it to go after something much larger. He denied that was the case but either way his diminutive catch was good for $200 and 2nd in offshore....

   I did get a call from a Hilo side Angler that told me that he landed a 12 lb Mahi but he wasn't sure that he wanted to make the drive to the weigh in (with his 12 lb catch) that he felt wasn't likely to get him into the awards. In an unusual, below average weigh in, turned out his 12 lb Mahi would have won him a $1000 Hobie Quest Angler...

   Then there was Greg Rideout, one of our Big Island Fishing guides that was our only Angler to enter just a single (Offshore) division. As Murphey's Law would have it, he was only able to land his (Inshore) 14.5 lb (unofficial) Omilu which would have been good for $100 but so it often goes with Murphy's lessons...

        We are hoping to increase our Angler numbers as our Pelagic Pursuit goes forward. I thought giving out great prizes with a challenging 2 day tournament would bring in the Anglers but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

   Going forward we need to make whatever changes are required to bring our number back up if we want to keep our sponsorship and be able to give out quality awards... so were giving some thought to a single day (possibly single location) event at a lower entry fee. Maybe just a single division, heaviest fish landed make the awards....

   As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

And thanks to our Sponsors:

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