The Pelagic Pursuit

August 2010 Tournament

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August 14th-15th 2010 Big Island Tournament results!                                 

Lance Ulua

Sherman Ulua

Alex Ahi

Jesse Uku

Danielle Mahi





















































































                 Devin and Adam - Top 2 for Offshore


     This was our 11th Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament that we've hosted. Now named the Pelagic Pursuit, we had 20 entrants competing for $1600 in cash prizes and a reasonable chance at winning a Prowler 15 Angler Kayak in the weigh in raffle.


In the Inshore species:

1st was Lance Bowman who landed a 14.6 lb Ulua ($500 prize)

2nd place went to Sherman Warner with a 14.4 lb Ulua ($200 prize)

3rd place was Jesse Hallingstad with a 12.6 lb Uku ($100 prize)

4th place was Thomas Jim with a 9.5 lb Ulua

5th place was Adam Hodgson with a 8.8 Ulua

6th place was Dan Roudebush with a 4.1 lb Barricuda

7th place was Karl Johnson with a 2.8 lb Aha

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to Devin Hallingstad who landed a 25.1 lb Ahi ($500 prize)

2nd place was Adam Hodgson with a 24.4 lb Mahi ($200 prize)

3rd place was Alex Budge with a 23.5 lb Ahi ($100 prize)

4th place was Sherman Warner with a 18.9 lb Mahi

5th place was Danielle Moyal with a 11.1 lb Mahi

6th place was Art Roberts with a 6.1 lb Mahi

7th place was Dustim Iwamoto with a 5.8 lb Ono


     With 20 entrants being less than our usual numbers it gave the entrants a better than average chance at hitting the cash prizes or Prowler 15 Angler being raffled.

   Devin Hallingstad brought in the most fish. Besides his winning Ahi, giving him a $500 check, he also had a 14lb Mahi and a number of other good sized fish in his cooler.

    And it was also Alex Budge's lucky day. Besides getting 3rd in offshore with his $100 prize his luck showed itself when our initial draw for the kayak raffle came up with an entrant that did not happen to be present at the weigh in. So on the re-draw, Alex's name came out and he won the Prowler 15 Angler Kayak.

         As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

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