August 2009 Tournament Results

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August 2009 Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament results!                                         

Adam's Winning Ono

Andy Wins Pro again (3rd time in a row)

Jesse Shim 2nd in Pro

Kahula Davis 2nd in Offshore

Matt Wilson 2nd in Inshore

Chris Finch 3rd in Pro

Adam had a good day. 2 of his fish were big enough to win Offshore and he had more in the bag that would have placed.












































  August 22nd and 23rd 2009 Tournament Results:

  Robs monster Ulua. We should have shot the photo sideways because it was nearly as thick as it was wide.....

     This was our 8th Big Island Kayak Fishing Tournament with 30 entrants.

     The format for the Pro Division differs slightly from the Recreational Class. The Pro entrants get their combined weight of their largest inshore and offshore fish. If they are able to land one of each category they also receive a 10% bonus added to their two fish total.


In the Inshore species:

1st was Robert Madrigal who landed a 84 lb Ulua

2nd place went to Matt Wilson bringing in a 43.6 lb Ulua

3rd place was Cy Buking with a 21.4 lb Ulua

4th place was Donald Bois with a 19.8 lb Ulua

5th place was Adam Hodgson with a 16 lb Ulua

6th place was Matt Reed with a 13.8 lb Ulua

7th place was Les Pederson with a 11 lb Barracuda

8th place was Sam Britton with a 6.6 lb Papio

Results In the offshore Category:

1st went to Adam Hodgson (Kapaau) who landed a 24.8 lb Ono

2nd place was Kahula Davis with a 17.2 lb Mahi mahi


Results In the Pro Division:

Andy Cho (Big Island) took 1st with his 43.8 lb Ulua and 6.2 lb Mahi for a combined total of 55 lbs

2nd place went to Jesse Shim bringing in a 17.8 lb Ulua and 24.6 lb Ono for a combined total of 46.6 lbs

3rd place was Chris Finch with a 27 lb Ulua and 12 lb Mahi for a combined total of 42.2 lbs

4th place was Boogie Elgas with a 40.4 lb Ulua

5th place was Micah Pignolet with a 19.4 lb Ulua

6th place was Steve Cho with a 6.6 lb Uku and 5.4 lb Mahi for a combined total of 13.2 lbs

7th place was Dan Roudebush with a 1.2 lb Wrass and 4 lb Aku for a combined total of 5.7 lbs

     With 30 Entrants it was a bit less crowded than our previous meets. Probably the economy and tighter finances had something to do with it.

     But when Rob Madrigal unzipped his Fish Bag and lugged out his massive Ulua the jaws were dropping. This monster was thick and two of us were just able to get it onto the scale. Rob chose the Trident 13 Angler Kayak for his winning prize.

    And Adam Hodgson landed an impressive collection of larger fish. His Ono gave him 1st (in Offshore) which won him the Hobie Mirage Revolution (Pedal or Paddle) Kayak, but he also had a number of other large catches that would also have been good for a place among the top finishers.


    And for the Pro Division.... Is anybody going to be able to knock Andy Cho from his ownership of the Pro division. Andy (now for the 3rd tournament in a row) will again be listed on our Perpetual Trophy in the Plenty Pupule Kayak Store as well as taking home the $1000 cash prize.

    Kahula Davis taking 2nd in Offshore won a really nice Aqua Bound Fiberglass Paddle

     Matt Wilson taking 2nd in Inshore won a top quality Surf to Summit GTS Elite Backrest.

     And Cy Buking taking 3rd in the Inshore category won the Feel Free Waterproof DeckPack.

And thanks to our Sponsors:

Hobie Kayak

Ocean Kayak


and Plenty Pupule

   Our next tournament is set for November 21st and 22nd 2009. It's again set to be a two day event.

   Kate and I would like to thank all the entrants for making this tournament such a success. Special thanks to the The Coastal Kayaking Team (of Oahu Anglers) that made the effort to be here and deal with the logistics of kayak fishing away from home.

         As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments to Kelly or Kate (P and P Kayaks)

Catch Big, Get Towed and join us on Nov 21st and 22nd 2009!

Boogie's 40.4 lb Ulua was only 3.4 lbs less than Andy's. He just needed an Offshore catch to get him into the money...

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