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   3.5lb Anchors!                                      

3.5lb Anchor with 70' Line and clip on bag [CALL]







      This 3.5 lb Anchor is enough to hold kayaks in normal paddling conditions. If you're going to be using an anchor in Hawaii you should give some thought to the damage you might be doing to the coral reef.


     It's a good idea to dive off with snorkel gear and set your anchor when over reef areas, by placing it in a secure spot where it won't damage the coral.

     The 3.5lb Anchor will hold in rocky conditions and comes complete with clip on bag, and 70' anchor line.


It can also work in sandy, more mild conditions but if you need holding strength in sandy bottom with higher wind conditions you might think about a "Danforth" type design.

     For more info or to purchase your Kayak Anchors send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400