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The Sidekick Ama Kit                                          


Kayak Ama Kit [CALL]







    The Sidekick Ama Kit designed by Hobie is a great invention. It can turn any tippy, Sit on top Kayak into a truly stable platform. The Amas are Inflatable and can inflate with just a few breaths.

     If you Kayak Fish or Dive out of your kayak then this accessory eliminates the worry about capsizing and losing valuable gear

    Or for those with any trepidation about kayaking or ending up in the water, attaching these Amas to any kayak can give a great peace of mind.

   The Amas easily detach or attach with a pin on each side for quick transport. Rotating the Ama support gives a choice of three positions. Photo top left shows the Amas in their most stable position. Bottom left shows them raised for reduced drag but they'll still provide great stability as the boat tips a bit. And there is also a middle position between the two pictured.

     For more info or to purchase your Sidekick Ama Kit send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400