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      The philosophy in the beginning  with Plenty Pupule Kayak was to bring quality, affordable outdoor products and services, to the locals and visitors of Hawaii. We have been very successful at providing great watersports gear at the best prices possible and have since developed quite a bit of interest nationwide and are currently satisfying dreams wherever we can.

       Here on the Big Island we are seriously interested in maintaining the ecological balance these islands still enjoy. We advise people to memorize and photograph the views, swim in the waters, kayak to the beaches, hike through the rainforests and across lava flows but please make every attempt to leave no trace of your visit. Please pick up, when you can, after those who are not as thoughtful, so others may follow and enjoy the unspoiled conditions. This is our Hawaii philosophy but anywhere our paths lead us the idea is applicable if we desire a positive future.     

     Kelly Harrison took over ownership of Plenty Pupule Kayaks (meaning Plenty Crazy in Hawaiian) in 2003 and has been supplying and servicing the Kayak industry on the Big Island (and statewide) ever since.

    He is also the owner of Trekking Hawaii which is the entity in charge of all tours, rentals, and the Hawaii Kayak/Adventure club.

    Kelly has extensive experience in adventure related sports. He ran a hang gliding school for 6 years, placing top 10 (in the US) in just about every national hang gliding competition he's entered. He worked as a rafting guide on the Grand Canyon, worked ski patrol for 3 years and has canoed, kayaked, trekked and flown around most of the western states.

    He coached and raced outrigger canoes for 25 years and has surfed many of the premier, and big wave, surf breaks in California, Mexico and Hawaii. He's been scuba certified since the age of 12, he sails regularly and holds black belts in traditional Japanese Karate. Kelly is also a licensed private pilot, is Lifeguard Certified and an Emergency Medical Technician with experience working in the emergency medical field.

      Kelly and a friend currently are the only paddlers to have completed a continuous kayak/camping circumnavigation of the Big Island. You're welcome to check out the full detailed story. You'll have a hard time finding anyone who knows the island of Hawaii, it's weather patterns, surf and coastal areas, more thoroughly.

      If you happen to be visiting the Big Island and can catch Kelly when he's not completely overwhelmed you might even convince him to take you on a sightseeing air flight (splitting the operating costs on his Cessna 172) or scuba diving for those who are certified!!

  Or for those who are more expedition minded. Enquire about hooking up with our Big Island Kayak/Adventure Club to experience those adventures that the locals enjoy!