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November 9th-10th 2013 Pelagic Pursuit (Big Island and Kauai combined) Tournament results!

Devin went on a Saturday rampage and took Sunday off


Ladder was required to weigh Devins Sailfish

Rey's winning 49lb Ulua

Bobby (Kauai) with success in flash flood conditions

Tom happy with his Mahi

Shawn Zenor

Rey checking out his new ride...



















































































Jason (Kauai) and Lopaka's Omilus in the closest to 10lb competition...


     This was our 17th Hawaii Kayak Fishing Tournament, (The Pelagic Pursuit), that we've hosted.
This meet we had 37 Big Island entrants and 11 Kauai entrants all competing for 2 Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks, a Malibu Stealth 12 Angler Kayak as well as $900 in cash and prizes..


In the Inshore species:

1st was Rey Javar who landed a 49.02 lb Ulua which won him a Hobie Quest 11 Angler Kayak

2nd place was Bobby Menks (Kauai) with his 38.52 lb Ulua ($200 prize)

3rd place was Patrick Wilson with a 27.52lb Ulua ($150 prize)

4th place was Romel Palafox with a 15.58 lb Ulua

5th place was Roberto Ventura Jr with a 13.26lb Rainbow Runner

6th place was (tandem team) Troy Sakihara/Lucas with a 12.74 lb Kaku

7th place was Jason Schmidt (Kauai) with a 11.42 lb Omilu

8th place was Lopaka Ventura with a 10.1 lb Omilu (Malibu Stealth Kayak "closest to 10lb Prize)

9th place was Niall Scully with a 9.62 lb Rainbow Runner

10th place was Chris Kutch with a 8.48 lb Uku

11th place was Adam King (Kauai) with a 7.7 lb Uku ($50 island specific)

12th place was Sean Jenson with a 3.32 lb Kaku

13th place was Tom Britton with a 2.6 lb Aha

Results In the offshore Category:

1st was Devin Hallingstad who landed a 75.24 lb Sailfish which won him a Hobie Quest 11 Kayak.

2nd place was Daniel Bivings with his 40.94 lb Ono ($200 prize)

3rd place was Niall Scully with a 26.88 lb Ono ($150 prize)

4th place was Romel Palafax with a 26.38 lb Mahimahi ($50 prize)

5th place was Shawn Zenor with a 25.16 lb Mahimahi

6th place was Jason Schmidt (Kauai) with a 23.7 lb Kawakawa

7th place was George Bonne with a 21.44 lb Mahimahi

8th place was Kahula Davis with a 18.88 lb Ono

9th place was Tom Britton with a 11.86 lb Mahimahi

10th place was Patrick Wilson with a 10.52 lb Mahimahi

11th place was Dave Cook (Kauai) with a 9.68 lb Kawakawa

    Lopaka Venture won the "closest to 10 lb, "Inshore" competition with his 10.1 lb Omilu winning him the Malibu Stealth 12 Angler Kayak

     And on Kauai the (Kauai) angler closest to 10 lbs was Jason Schmidt catching the "opposite Island" closest to 10lb $100 prize with his 11.42 lb Omilu



     We did have some impressive coolers/fish bags coming in. Not all of the fish were weighed if they didn't make a difference affecting the awards....

    A number of anglers had numerous Pelagic catches.

Kahula Davis had a great day bringing in an Ono, Ahi and more than one Mahimahi.

   Also Romel Palafox with multiple Ahi, multiple Mahimahi and multiple Inshore fish.

   Shawn Zenor brought in 4 Mahimahi

   But then everyones jaws dropped when Devin brought out his assortment from his coolers. We were wondering if he didn't set some kind of record in having the best assorted Pelagic catches in the history of kayak fishing.

   Besides his winning 75lb Sailfish. He also had a 57lb Ahi (plus more smaller Ahi),  5) Ono with the biggest being 35lbs and  a 24lb Mahimahi

   I know there was some sense of unfairness from the Kauai contingent that they had flash flooding, strong winds and brown water fishing from the start of the Tournament on Sat. And I understand where they are coming from because if the whole state had their same weather we likely would have just postponed the whole tournament. But possible uneven fishing/weather conditions is the main reason that I made some of the prizes "island specific" which seemed to work out pretty much as planned given the uneven weather conditions

   The Big Island did get some of that weather on Sunday. One of our newer anglers found himself upside down (twice) in high winds in our demo Revolution 13. And unfortunately he didn't have some of his gear tied down and lost some of his newly acquired angling equipment

   As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

And thanks to our Sponsors:

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Daniel's Ono