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May 4th-5 th 2013 Pelagic Pursuit Tournament results!                                 

Steven lands the Tournaments biggest catches


Paul wins Offshore

Devin takes 2nd in Offshore

Victor takes 2nd Inshore

David Giff takes 3rd in Offshore

Grant lands in 3 Ahi

Many were after the "closest to 10 lb prize...




















































































                 Adam and Niall. Niall wins closest to 10lb competition as well as 3rd Inshore


     This was our 16th Hawaii Kayak Fishing Tournament, "The Pelagic Pursuit", that we've hosted.
This meet we had 39 entrants competing for 2 Hobie Quest Angler Kayaks as well as $900 in cash and a variety of other prizes..


In the Inshore species:

1st was Steven Kishimoto who landed a 50.19 lb Ulua which won him a Hobie Ques Angler Kayak

2nd place was Victor Haania with his 19.88 lb Kahala ($200 prize)

3rd place was Niall Sully with a 15.47 lb Uku ($100 prize)

4th place was Adam Hodgson with a 13.75 lb Uku

5th place was Shawn Zenor with a 12.03 lb Ulua

6th place was Devin Hallingstad with a 10.69 lb Omilu

7th place was Kahau Augistin with a 8.42 lb Mu

8th place was Adam King with a 9.17 lb Papio

9th place was Tyson Kaitano with a 2.31 lb Uku

Results In the offshore Category:

1st was Paul Ishikuro who landed a 26.87 lb mahi mahi which won him a $300 prize.

2nd place was Devin Hallingstad with his 25.11 lb Ono ($200 prize)

3rd place was David Giff with a 18.98 lb Mahi Mahi ($100 prize)

4th place was Grant Stolhand with a 17.87 lb Ahi

5th place was Tyson Kaitano with a 9.83 lb Kawakawa

6th place was Dan Roudebush with a .92 lb Flying Fish

And Niall Sully won the "closest to 10 lb, "Inshore" competition with his 10.53 lb Uku getting him a new Hobie Quest Angler Kayak


     We did have some impressive coolers/fish bags coming in. Not all of the fish were weighed if they didn't make a difference affecting the awards....

    Steven Kihimoto besides his winning Ulua also had a 31lb Barricuda so either of those catches was enough to win the "Inshore" division.

    Niall Sully was actually the tournament's biggest winner with his two Uku. The bigger Uku got him 3rd place (inshore) for $100 check but it was his smaller Uku 10.53 lbs that won him the Hobie Quest Angler Kayak for "closest to 10 lbs"

   And Devin Hallingstad... Besides his 2nd place Ono... also had a 23.06 lb Ahi. Either of those catches was enough to secure his 2nd place in "Offshore"

   And in a sad development for Alex Budge and his fishing partner... They finished their day and unloaded their gear at their waimea home. They weighed the one fish (on their personal scale) that looked to be close to 10lbs and saw that it came out looking like exactly 10 lbs....

   Then they loaded up their gear to bring to the weigh in. Unfortunalty each thought the other put the cooler in their personal vehicle so it wasn't until later in the weigh in that one of them said, Ok, let's get the cooler out of your car.... That they realized they just lost the (closest to 10 lbs) Quest Angler Kayak Prize

   As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (P and P Kayaks)

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Catch Big, Get Towed and join us again in Spring of 2013!

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