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April 26th-27th 2014 Pelagic Pursuit (Big Island) Tournament results!

In a past life Devin was obviously a Mammoth Hunter...

Victor wins Inshore as well as the "Closest to 10 lbs"


Marc's Ahi comes in at 73.5 lbs

Victor's winning 10 lb Uku

Rey with a nice Ahi
























































































Devin does it again. Another Kayak Fishing Record, Black Marlin...


     This was our 18th (Hawaii) Pelagic Pursuit Kayak Fishing Tournament, that we've hosted.
    This meet we had just 19 anglers entered, competing for thousands in prizes.


In the Inshore species:

1st was Victor Haannio who landed a 64.92 lb Ulua which won him a Hobie Fisherman Pfd and Hobie (fiberglass shaft) paddle.

2nd place was Marc Cuison with his 11.84 lb Kahala (which won him a pair of Hobie Escondido Sunglasses and a Hobie (Fiberglass Shaft) Paddle

3rd place was Cole Amelotte with a 5.88 lb Rainbow Runner (which won him a Hobie (Fiberglass Shaft) Paddle and Hobie hat

4th place was Jason Palacol with a 5.3 lb Uku

5th place was Kevin Yamanaka with a 4.94 lb Kaku


Results In the offshore Category:

1st was Devin Hallingstad who somehow managed to get his 212 lb Black Marlin towing alongside his kayak and in to shore which won him the top prize Hobie Quest 11 Kayak.

2nd place was Marc Cuison with his 73.48 lb Ahi which won him a Hobie Fisherman Pfd, a Hobie Hat and Hobie Tee shirt.

3rd place was Rey Javar with a 30.34 lb Ahi (winning him a pair of Hobie Escondido Sunglasses, a Hobie Hat and Hobie Tee Shirt

4th place was Adam Hodgson with a 19.80 lb Mahimahi

5th place was Lopaka Ventura with a 14.6 lb Kawakawa

6th place was Roberto Ventura Jr with a 6 lb Aku

7th place was Dan Roudebush with a 5.88 lb Ahi


    Victor Haanio (besides taking 1st in Inshore) won the "closest to 10 lb, "Inshore" competition with his 10.06 lb Uku winning him one of the Hobie Quest 11 Angler Kayaks


     Devin continues to amaze. We were pretty much speechless when we saw the head and tail of his Black Marlin sticking out of his large cooler. We did recover enough to get the beast out of his truck so we could admire his catch and shoot some photos. He had it weighed earlier on the Honokohau Scale for a certified (another record for him) 212 lbs Black Marlin landed by kayak.

   For the amount of anglers entered, the catches coming in were spectacular. First I was a bit unhappy that I had picked a weekend where we only got the smaller turnout. Then when I saw the catches, and Devins Record Black Marlin, I was ecstatic because my tournament dates combined with Devins hot streak, along with a few other great catches, made for awesome tournament results...

   As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the tournament.

     Email comments or suggestions to Kelly (Plenty Pupule Kayaks)

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Catch Big, Get Towed and join us again in the Fall of 2014!

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Adam missed the top prizes but got nice Mahis